Richard Bracewell started Viewpoint 360 in 2015, in order to share his experience and knowledge with both corporate sponsors and rights holders/sponsorship seekers. Richard’s extensive corporate experience, gives him a unique understanding of how to create great partnerships and to ensure buy in throughout an organisation.

Viewpoint 360 is more than just a company name. Indeed it epitomises Richard’s whole approach, seeking input from across an organisation – internally and externally – not just from those that will manage the sponsorship on a day to day basis. Gaining a 360 perspective as part of the strategy setting process, helps to prioritise and value the various sponsorship elements and creates greater buy in when it comes to activation.

From a corporate brand perspective, great sponsorship can be the most engaging and integratable of all the marketing assets. If the fit is right, a sponsorship can help to reach customers through something that they are incredibly passionate about, creating a strong emotional bond. The best sponsorships go beyond the marketing activities and have positive benefits right across an organisation including, recruitment, training, R&D and operations.

For sponsorship seekers or rights holders, it is vital to understand how you can offer the greatest value to a sponsor in order for them to meet their business objectives. Having seen many thousands of sponsorship proposals, Richard can help to seek out potential sponsors and to tailor the offer in a relevant and meaningful way. Once the right sponsors have been found, Richard can support rights holders in creating long term successful partnerships.